• Fewer Complaints When Paying Bills on Time With doxo

  • Posted on February 21, 2019
  • The personal finance and bill paying system doxo was created and the company founded a decade ago in Seattle by a number of idea people and venture capitalists, including Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose Bezos Expeditions was in on the founding. At the heart of the idea is the notion that paying all the monthly bills is a thankless chore that brought complaints from everyone who did so. The founders of doxo felt that paying bills and managing finances should be easier for everyone.

    Among the most popular features of the doxo system is its ability to upload and store all important family documents, including statements and bills from mortgage companies, insurance companies, car finance companies, and much, much more. According to doxo reviews, this seems to be the most popular feature of the service, possibly because it's so unique. doxo users not only get warnings when a bill is due, and a notice that it's been paid, but if you want to keep track of the family's spending, you can examine each and every bill anytime you want.

    In short, one of the best features of the doxo system is its ability to make you truly paperless and there are few, if any, complaints to be found about that feature. Ultimately, doxo holds what can be considered a very unique position in the area of personal finance management. While there are many other useful tools in that space, doxo is unique in its ability to allow users to pay many bills from many companies all from one single account, with one login. The doxo system also serves as a digital filing cabinet, where you can keep all of your household and/or small business paperwork.

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